While I have always been taught the importance of having a good group of friends, I have recently seen this type of thinking come back around. I mean we have people like Taylor Swift and her entire group of amazing women all encouraging others to surround themselves with caring, supportive and loving people. There are even memes all over my Instagram feed stating things like “Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally.” Thanks Elite Daily will do!



My favourite one so far though has been a recent Instagram post by Sophia Bush, “Find your tribe. Love them hard.” As you can probably tell by now I am a serious believer of this type of positive thinking and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  I also believe that loving your tribe has a HUGE impact on your success in life. Let me explain.

With all of the pressures we feel daily, like getting enough “likes” on our Instagram posts, to finding the right career path, we are constantly looking for instant gratification in this new age world. Regardless of how silly that first one may sound, without a good support system it really can be challenging to keep your spirits up no matter the shape in which the pressures from your daily life take on.


When you have your friends there to talk to, spend time with, and share words of encouragement to, you are more likely to succeed. Whether that is at a new job you just started, or even with a personal project you have been working on!

A personal example I have of this is my journey with network marketing. I feel so blessed to be working with a variety of different people who are supportive, encouraging, and seriously fun. Without these people there to call me out on a negative attitude or to share words of wisdom and encouragement, this road I am on would be a lot harder to travel.


There is still far too much hate being spread around, especially among those who continue to hide behind their cell phones and laptops. When you combat the hate with encouragement, support, and love, you will be greatly rewarded. Not to mention, your tribe will LOVE you for it.

So, as the meme says, “Find your tribe. Love them hard”. Oh, and when you do find these amazing people, don’t let them go.

Yours truly,

Melissa Alyse