I’ve been seeing a lot of positive articles in the media lately on millennials and what there work ethic is like.

I think that the level of dedication and commitment we show towards the companies we work for is a direct reflection of how we are valued in the workplace. Times are changing and we are no longer willing to put aside things that are extremely important to us because of our jobs.


I think that this is an important change for our society as a whole and as a millennial myself, the change is absolutely something I can get behind.

To continue on with all of the positive thinking circulating around working with millennials, my peers and I have decided to create a video spotlight on one of our very own motivated millennials, Brittany B.

Brittany spotlight

Brittany has had an unreal first month with Plexus and we could not let that go unnoticed! So without giving too much away, check out our video to get the inside scoop on our ambassador of the month.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Brittany’s amazing 7-Day Plexus transformation below.

Yours truly,

Melissa Alyse

Brittany 7_Day

“I’m officially down 4.5 pounds, feel as I may even have lost some inches, I felt great all day long, sleep well all through the night, I didn’t crave crappy foods, and I am never bloated after eating.”