Even though it may appear that I have tried to lure you here with photos of my Mean Girls themed Halloween costume from this year, I really do have a point to make.


When it comes to Network Marketing I want to share some tips and tricks to getting your message seen. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the best way to post and engage people on Facebook. Today I am going to lay it out for you.

Basically if you are someone who doesn’t really like people’s photos or someone who doesn’t really share too much on your page, then your posts aren’t going to be seen.


So as someone who is new to the Network Marketing scene, how do you become more engaged online? Well, it’s as easy as getting caught up with your best girlfriends! Just follow the rule of 411:

  • 4 posts about something that interests you
  • 1 post that is something personal
  • 1 post that is directly related to your business

I know that 6 posts a day can seem like a lot but all you have to do is get into the rhythm of it.  Once you do your network marketing business will be better for it.


I have also found that the more photos and videos you share, the more engaged your friends/followers become. It’s always nice to have an image to go along with your message because a lot of people are very visual.

I would also recommend keeping your posts short and to the point. Nobody likes information overload. If you are writing paragraphs on top of paragraphs chances are people don’t feel like taking the time to read the whole thing.

But try not to stress about it too much, it’s a learning process and the more you do it the better you will become. With practice you will be a pro at crating the perfect post!


Does anybody else have any tips for people who are new to Network Marketing? If so share in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


Melissa Alyse