I am coming up onto another season of change in my life and my love for travel and adventure has crept up into the forefront of my mind. If I were to head out on another adventure in the near future I want to make sure that my network marketing business doesn’t suffer for it.

As I have mentioned before, travelling and network marketing can go hand in hand… so I shouldn’t have to worry about my network marketing business exactly suffering. However, I do want to be in a position where my business has the most potential to grow.

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After a lot of thought and consulting with my peers I have come up with a top five list of essentials to add to your carry-on the next time you travel. So, if you are in network marketing, an adventure seeker and want to grow your business this is a surefire top five list to get you on the right track to grow around the globe:


1. Up to Date Business Cards – You’re in a hurry to make it to the docks on time to get onto that epic booze cruise but you have just had an amazing impromptu lunch with some fellow travelers and you see a lot of potential in them. Just be sure to give them your business card so they have your contact information. You can even follow up by connecting with them via the next item on the list…

2. Smartphone – There is nothing like being able to instantly connect with someone through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter right on the spot. Now they can see your posts and the information you put out there about your product, business opportunities, and your most recent picture of that unreal sunset in Bali.

3. A Global Data Plan – I felt that this one needed a category all on it’s own. In this day in age you really should have few problems connecting to a hotspot or getting WiFi at your hostel or resort but you are going to be able to make 100% of the connections on social media if you don’t have to worry about your internet connection.

4. Product Samples – Obviously in some cases this just isn’t going to be feasible. But if you have a small enough product that can be transported easily then by all means bring a few samples along. It’s a great way to share your amazing product with the world and get people interested in what you have to offer.

5. Personal Promotional Swag – When you head down to the beach for drinks and a swim, wear a pair of sunglasses that have your company name on the arm. If you’re down at the markets in the morning picking up some fresh produce for breakfast, wear a shirt with the company name on it. This can be done with hats, bags, water bottles and more. The possibilities are really endless and rocking your company name on a t-shirt not only promotes your brand but gives people the opportunity to inquire into what you are representing.


I cannot wait until I get to use this top five list to pack for my next adventure! If you have any other travel essentials that help your grow around the globe then leave them in the comments below.

Yours truly,

Melissa Alyse

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