A few nights ago I was catching up with an old friend and we got on the topic of what I’ve been up to lately. As passionate as I am to share about Plexus, at times it’s true that I am a little bit hesitant to share what exactly it is I do.

Sometimes when I’ve said, “Oh I am in network marketing!” OR “Have you heard of MLM?” people panic or maybe they even pass on a warning because they know a friend of a friend that was doing MLM and they have a horror story to follow.

Luckily I have some pretty amazing and open-minded friends so when I began talking about Plexus (my amazing MLM company) to her, she just got it.

Plexus Black and White

We actually ended up getting into a discussion about how the stigma surrounding multi-level marketing because it’s very common for people to not really understand it. It was so nice to chat with someone (NOT in MLM) who really just understood what it is all about and how amazing it really can be for those seeking to have a lifestyle business.

I have to admit that after getting off the phone with her that evening, I felt relief. Relief that I didn’t have to say, “No, it’s not a pyramid scheme”. But then I remembered my WHY. I remembered the reason why I do what I do. I want to help people who are looking for a particular way of living that encompasses financial freedom with a goal achieving mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

Help Others

I should never be afraid to come up against people who don’t understand multi-level marketing because it becomes my chance to educate them on it and change the stigma. As Eric Worre  who is potentially one of the most well know trainers in the MLM profession, says:

“It’s a stone cold fact that we have a better way.

Now let’s go tell the world.”

So I want to challenge all you network marketers out there to remember your WHY and remember that education is power.

For those of you who don’t understand network marketing, I challenge you to talk to some who does. It’s never to late to start investing in yourself.

Invest in Yourself.png

Yours truly,

Melissa Alyse