On the 12th of July back in 1996 my baby sister was born.

Cassandra - Edited.jpg

On the 12th of July, summer ’16 my baby sister officially left her teenage years and we welcomed her into her 20s.

Melissa - Cassandra .jpg

There weren’t any tears and I like to think that I’ve finally started to figure out this whole big sister thing. I mean it has been 20 years…but I guess you’ll have to fact check with Cassandra on that.

To celebrate this milestone, we naturally had a tea party because we are classy young adults now. Our adorable mum joined us and we made a day of it. When we arrived at The Magic Rolling Pin we found that our table was located in The Sister’s Parlour. Our mum just loved that and although I wouldn’t admit it at the time I did think it was pretty cute.

We were surrounded by things that reminded me of my childhood and growing up with my little sister as my shadow…I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. So in honour of my sister’s birthday and just because I think she’s pretty rad here are 10 reasons why I love having a sister.

1. We grew up together.

Family vacations, matching outfits, and elementary school days. We did it and had it all together.

Matching Outfits.jpg

2. She always tells you the truth.

If she doesn’t think your outfit is on point or that your hair needs a little TLC, she’s going to let you know. While at times I may have come off like Claire from Clueless and thought, that was way harsh, Cass…I’m just really appreciative of the fact that she’s looking out, which leads me to reason number three.

Way Harsh.jpg

3. She’s always got your back.

She’s loyal as hell and never once has she not had your back. She’s always looking out for you and is one of your number one supporters in life.

Has your back.jpg

4. You can always be yourself around her.

Even when you’re acting crazy, singing like a fool in the car or hyper beyond belief she just laughs alongside you and acts a like a fool herself.


5. You’re always going to have two closets.

Getting ready for a night out is 2x easier because if either of you are tired of your own wardrobe you can borrow from theirs. Not to mention, you’ll obvi both be up on the latest fashion…

High Fashion.jpg

#hautecouture #highfashion

6. Always having a partner in crime.

Nights out on the town or late night ice cream binges, you get up to no good together.

Partner's in Crime.gif

7. You’ll never be lonely.

You never have to feel lonely for long because she never lets you. She’s the first one to drop everything to spend some quality time with you.

Always has your back - Edited

8. She knows all your secrets.

There’s no one who you could ever trust more than your sister. You know she’ll always be your secret keeper and she’ll never judge you.


9. You’ve got your very own personal cheerleader.

She’s there for all the bad times and the good. No matter what phase of life you’re in, she’s there to cheer you on from the sidelines.


10. She’s your best friend.

Your go-to girl, right-hand (wo)man, and little nugget all wrapped up into one. There’s no one else that you would rather go through life with and the best, best friend you could ever ask for.

You'll never be lonely

Love you big,

Your big sister