Since I was a baby (so I am told) I have always had sensitive skin. From having graffiti skin, as my mum likes to call it, to breaking out if I used the wrong kind of cleanser as a teen; my skin has been through a lot.

Recently, I entered a contest that a local boutique was running here in Peterborough. I couldn’t help but enter because A. I love the store (Plush) and B. Who doesn’t get excited about the possibility of winning free stuff?! To my surprise I actually won!

What I ended up winning was a few items from the Malin + Goetz skincare line. These items included a cleanser, moisturizer, and a hand & body wash. As excited as I was to win these items, I was a bit nervous to try them out. So before I gave my newly acquired products a try, I did what any 23 year old female would do… I heavily stalked their Instagram, website, and any online review I could get my hands on. Naturally, I got the 411 on Malin + Goetz, but one thing I needed to know for sure was if my sensitive skin could handle their products.

Luckily, I was not disappointed with what I found. Malin + Goetz products were literally created with people who have sensitive skin in mind. Malin’s own personal story of having sensitive skin is even shared on their website.

“Matthew Malin suffers from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies and dry skin. He and Andrew Goetz have developed easy-to-use treatments to be both gentle and effective for multiple skin conditions. Our advanced formulas blend trusted natural ingredients with performance technologies for the face, body and hair.”

Feeling confident in the information that I found about Malin + Goetz’s products, I decided to give them a try and here are some of my thoughts.

1. grape fruit cleanser.

Malin and Goetz Cleanser.jpg

This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. It didn’t leave my face feeling dry after using it which is a big deal for me as most cleansers I have tried do. I also found that less is more. You don’t need a lot of product to get the job done. I also loved the smell of this product, I am huge fan of grapefruit and its natural scent stands out. After using the cleanser, my face felt smooth and so clean. I felt as though I had actually rid my skin of the dirt and makeup that I had exposed it to throughout the day.

2. vitamin e face moisturizer.


The moisturizer is my favourtie product out of the three. It’s oil-free and has a natural fragrance so it isn’t harsh on your skin at all. I loved using it in the morning after washing my face right before I put my makeup on for the day. Like the cleanser, less is more. You don’t need a lot of this product to cover your whole face. I really just felt that my skin was being hydrated and nourished each time I used this product and that’s really what I want out of my moisturizer.

3. rum + hand body wash.


I think this product was the most interesting out of the three. It took using this product a couple time before I got used to the smell. It’s not a bad smell by any means, it’s just different. Now I almost crave it in the mornings because it’s so fresh. I love using it the shower as a body wash rather than a hand soap. It’s really refreshing and it cleans my skin without drying it out.

Overall, these products are awesome! Their natural ingredients really seem to work for people with sensitive skin. I didn’t have one rash or breakout from using these products and I am happy to report that I am currently working them into my skin care routine.

If you’re in the Peterborough area and interested in trying these products out, head down to Plush Boutique and they will hook you up. If you’re reading from a different part of the world don’t think I would leave you hanging…here’s a link to their website. Keep in mind, their prices are in US dollars. 

Let me know what you think of these products in the comments below!

Yours truly,

Melissa Alyse